Arranging A Funeral

We provide a 24 hour service every day of the year and you are guaranteed to receive immediate personal advice and help at all times, either at a family member's home or at our premises.

The funeral director and member(s) of the family will meet to arrange the funeral at a time convenient to you. The funeral director can carry out all practical arrangements required and thus relieve the bereaved of these duties at what can be a very emotional time. The deceased will rest in our private chapel, where relatives and friends may visit. If requested we can usually arrange free transport to our premises for you to make arrangements and visit the chapel.

As every funeral service is different it follows that the needs, support and guidance necessary will vary from individual to individual who is connected to each particular funeral.

Regardless of beliefs or culture we are absolutely committed to providing the support and guidance to help you make choices that will give you a funeral service which is entirely befitting and appropriate for your loved one.

We can provide the traditional funeral service which is conducted in a familiar and customary fashion, and alternative funerals with fresh and innovative ways to mark the occasion in a unique and memorable way.

All aspects of funerals and associated services may be obtained from our Retford Office. Arranging or discussing funeral requirements are conducted in our quiet, private and informal setting. Our Retford branch also has a private viewing area where relatives and friends may visit.

Our total commitment extends to every facet connected with a funeral – for example, service sheets, flowers, catering, newspaper notices, and donations in-lieu of flowers. In mourning these can often seem insurmountable, endless tasks – we can arrange every aspect.

Floral tributes

Flowers may bring beauty, fragrance and colour to the day. We have an established relationship with a local florist and arrangements may be made through us. We are happy to convey the floral tributes after the funeral service to you or third parties. Additionally our florist can make them into smaller arrangements for further use.


We will administer all donations on your behalf and send them to your chosen Charity. We will write to you to confirm the amount donated with an attached list of named donations.

Obituary and Acknowledgement Notice

If required we will place Obituary and Acknowledgement notices in newspapers or publications of your choice and will be pleased to assist you with the wording.

Coffins, caskets and cremation urns

We source these items from local manufactures whenever possible and each is ordered specifically to your personal request.

Memorial stones

We can arrange for memorial stones from a huge range of styles to suit all tastes and provide any assistance you may require with choosing the wording for the inscription.

Cremated remains

If requested we will collect the cremated remains of the deceased from the crematorium and hold them in our safe keeping pending your further instructions.

Dove release

We are able to arrange a Dove release after the funeral service has finished.

The Day Of The Funeral

  • The cortege will arrive at the house or starting point within time for the journey to the church or crematorium.
  • The funeral director will suggest to the main mourners when the cortege is ready to leave.
  • When the cortege arrives at the Church or Crematorium the director will make it known to those personnel of your arrival.
  • The Funeral Director will invite you to wait and follow behind the coffin.
  • The service in Church or Crematorium is usually about 25 minutes.
  • A committal service at the Cemetery or Crematorium usually takes 10 minutes.
  • After the service you will be shown to an area where you can view the flowers and talk to other mourners if you desire.
  • If you are using the limousine(s) you will be taken to your home or to your venue for your reception.

Graham and Diane Hall

Graham and Diane Hall

The chapel

The Chapel

Graham and the hearse

Graham and The Hearse